Old Chillicothe

Photo of Paint Street in 1910 – Note all the telephone poles and wires! 

Below is a photo of the Chillicothe Police Department in 1910 – Including Officer Weingard  – Courtesy of the Ross County Historical Society (visit there!)

Photo of policemen from 1910 in period dress, seated and standing in rows
Chillicothe Police Department – 1910. Courtesy of Ross County Historical Society.


Can you imagine dressing like these 5th graders?  Can you imagine your teachers with hats like these?  What factory in Chillicothe today carries on this manufacturing tradition?

Photo of children in 1910 on a school field trip to the Logan Auto factory in Chillicothe Ohio
Photo of 5th graders from Central School in Chillicothe on a school trip to the Logan Auto factory in 1910. Courtesy Ross County Historical Society.


Maybe the reason Cromwell Dixon had so much faith in Freddy Meyers was that Mr. Dixon flew a homemade dirigible himself as a young man (perhaps not a young as the boy in the photo).    What do you think is different or the same about how parents treat risky behavior today versus 1910? 

Image of early dirigible piloted by Cromwell Dixon
Freddy Meyers may have flown in a dirigible that looked like this one. The boy in the photo is supposed to be Cromwell Dixon – himself a youth ‘aeronaut’.  This dirigible is probably not the one that Freddy flew.  You can “Google” Cromwell Dixon and find lots more about him.


Quick read:

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