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Well.. I’m back. Or the page is back. There was a critical failure of some unknown sort that made it easier to start over. I’ll be posting new pages, new resources and new photos throughout 2020.


5 thoughts on “update note”

  1. I am not a teacher, but I might be a student. I studied Geography in the late 50’s and into the 60’s and I could use a brush-up. The Geography Department at Northridge has always been a stellar unit, so I’ll see what they have on offer.

  2. Hey Clark!
    Sorry for the long delay. Technological problems and the world has gone crazy. We have had a pretty solid department here at CSUN over the years. I’m working to make sure it stays that way. Sorry we won’t see each other at the 2020 APCG, but maybe 2021 California Geographical Society Meetings.

    1. How bizarre. It must be something amiss with the LA Time’s data that I’m pulling. Not only is it going down (new cases), but it seems to be independent of the other data - which is what it’s supposed to be using to calculate new cases. I’ll try to look at the raw data on Monday. thanks.

    2. It appears that the problem is that there are TWO Brentwoods in the state. One is in Contra Costa County, and for some reason, although I have a filter set that should exclude any data that’s not in LA, Ventura or Orange county, the data for the “other” Brentwood is being pulled into the formula.

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