FiveMinute Field Trips

Five-minute field trips are an effort born out of the Covid-19 pandemic which robbed students and faculty of interaction and field experience learning. While these are a poor excuse for the robust learning and great fun of a field course, they may fill a need in your classroom. Ideally, this will evolve into a group effort coordinated through the California Geographical Society, and perhaps the Association of Pacific Coast Geographers.

Eventually, each video will include a link to a small question bank and a list of key concepts or vocabulary. The top table includes trips primarily aligned with topics in Introductory Physical Geography and the lower table includes trips aligned with topics in Introduction to Human (Cultural) Geography.

If you are interested in contributing, consult this list of topics, and/or suggest a topic. I’m open to ideas and collaboration.

Physical Geography Trips
Host Topic - Video Location Key Words
Steve Graves Geomorphology: Tectonic Uplift and Erosion - Rock Cycle Simi Valley, CA uplift, erosion, deposition, compaction, cementation, rock cycle, sandstone, strata, sedimentary rock
Steve Graves Valley & Mountain Breezes Porter Ranch, CA thermal expansion, heat, valley breeze, mountain breeze, wind.
Steve Graves Biomes: Open Oak Woodland Woodland Hills, CA biome, climate, slope, aspect, pyrophyte, steppe, flora, fauna
Human Geography Trips
Host Topic Location Key Words
Steve Graves Economic Geography: Place Product Packaging & Place Marketing Canoga Park, CA place product packaging, mansard roof, environmental look, hygienic look, marketing geography